The link between caregivers and patients

Secure messaging and video conversations

Memotus is a tailor made app for caregivers to communicate with patients in a safe, easy, fast and legal way. Send secured messages with videos, pictures, texts and documents or have a video conversation through your choice of securely encrypted video service with the identification handled by Memotus using BankID.

A natural link between caregivers and patients

Patients are looking for digital solutions in order to meet their caregivers in more ways than physical meetings. Memotus achieves this by being a simple and yet powerful messaging service for healthcare. A natural link between caregivers and patients.

How Memotus works

You have the patient in your pocket - if you want to.

Use your smartphone or tablet to communicate on your terms.

When, where and how much is up to you.

Between physical meetings you can monitor the progress of the patient. You are able to manage secure video conversations or send and receive messages including video clips, images, texts and documents.

When you meet the patient, you can film exercises, photograph details, design exercise programs and take notes and send it to the patient via Memotus.

For a better meeting - ask the patient for information in advance via the app.

How to get started with Memotus:
  1. Download the app for free
  2. Log in with your BankID
  3. Register your account
  4. Invite patients to the app
  5. Start communicating

Memotus is a natural link between you and your patients. First 30 days free of charge.

”As a physical therapist, I can now provide more effective care. The app makes it easier for me and my patients since we can communicate wherever I or the patient is. I've been looking for a service where I can send simple messages to my patients via my smartphone. For me, Memotus is the solution.”

Magdalena Moström, Certified Physiotherapist

There is a need for a natural link between caregivers and patients

Being able to meet patients when they want, no matter where they are and when they need it is no easy challenge for healthcare to solve. With Memotus as a natural link between caregivers and patients, we help solve this challenge. But the journey has just begun. Ahead of us is a lot of hard work of continuous development to fulfill the requirements for a simple digital messaging servide that complements traditional healthcare.

Bild Simon at Athens 2004Bild Micke
Simon Dahl and Mikael Östberg, founders of Memotus

In designing Memotus, we have collaborated with experienced physiotherapists, orthopedics and naprapaths. We have taken patients' requirements and wishes into account, and we have worked with legal experts to ensure that Memotus is a legal, safe and secure service for everyone in healthcare.

Video center

In the video center of the app, patients can learn more about symptoms and causes of common injuries and issues. There are also preventative exercises presented by various healthcare providers.

Tennis elbow and golfers elbow

Description of tennis elbow and golfers elbow

Achilles tendon pain

Explanation regering pain in the achilles tendon

Anterior cruciate ligament

Description of injury on anterior cruciate ligament

How much does Memotus cost

The prices shown below applies to every single caregiver that register an account. Patients always use Memotus free of charge except when buying consultation from private caregivers.

Current promotional priceSEK 100 per month (annual payment)
Regular priceSEK 200 per month (annual payment)
Monthly subscriptionSEK 300 per month (cancel at any time)

First 30 days free of charge regardless of annual or monthly payment. Private healthcare providers selling consultation to private patients via Memotus can charge directly in the app.

  • Safe, easy, fast and legal communication
  • More satisfied patients
  • Meets the requirements of the GDPR and the patientdatalagen (Patient Data Act)
  • Encrypted communication and secure identification
  • All communication is saved in the app
  • No administration
  • Get started on your own
  • First 30 days free of charge