Act fast and speed up your recovery!

Do you suffer from an injury or a minor issue? Act fast and speed up your recovery.

Memotus will connect you directly with experts on sports injuries. You are able to get a personal rehab program and counseling from doctors and physiotherapists. No appointment needed and you’ll get the response sent to your phone within 24 hours. Act like a pro, check out your issue or injury right now.

This is how Memotus works

Choose expert

It’s easy to choose an expert. In the app you can select the body part of your injury and the filter to view all the experts that will be able to help you. You can read more about all the experts in order for you to feel comfortable with your choice.

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Send your question

Describe your issue in a video clip and supplement with text and send it to the expert of your choice. No appointment required which makes it possible for you to record and send whenever suitable for you. In the app you’ll get easy to follow instructions on how to record the video clip and what information to include in your question to the expert.

Price from 250 SEK

Personal rehab programs and counseling for your issue

You’ll get a personal rehab program and counseling sent to your phone within 24 hours. The expert will recommend exercises for your specific problem. Memotus is the fastest way to get in touch with an expert on sports injuries.

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Speed up your recovery
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You don't have to be elite to benefit from experts on sports injuries


Video center with prehab and rehab exercises (coming soon!)

In the video center you’ll find video clips of prehab and rehab exercises recommended bythe experts regarding common sports injuries. The video center will be released shortly and give you the option to subscribe in order to access the entire video center.

Rehab jumpers knee

Rehab exercise for jumpers knee

Prehab chronic muskel tear

Prehab exercise for chronic muscle tear

Rehab meniscus

Rehab exercise for meniscus injury

Video center with injury descriptions

In the video center you can learn more about symptoms and the cause for common sports injuries. Marcus Bohlin, consultant orthopedic surgeon, will give you simple and clear explanations. All the videos of injury descriptions are free of charge.

Tennis elbow and golfers elbow

Description of tennis elbow and golfers elbow

Achilles tendon pain

Explanation regering pain in the achilles tendon

Anterior cruciate ligament

Description of injury on anterior cruciate ligament

I was told to do a few quite simple rehab exercises. The instructions were easy to follow and I felt an improvement quickly.

Markus Klar

Use your smartphone to contact experts on sports injuries

Choose expert (from 250 kr) or first available expert (250 kr)

  • Personal rehab program and counseling
  • BankID identification and medical record of your case
  • No appointment required – record and send your question whenever suitable for you

Video center: 100 kr / 4 months (coming soon)

  • Prehab and rehab exercises recommended by the experts
  • Sports profiles show how to do the exercises


  • Descriptions for common sports injuries in the Video center
  • Guide –personal customer support helps you choose expert
  • Download the app from App Store or Google Play Store

Download Memotus for free today and be ready to subscribe to get full access to the video center when released in a few weeks

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